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2024-01-25 Agenda.pdfEmergency Order 5:28.pdfLetter from the Chairperson South Acres and 5th Street roads.pdf

The Plantation Acres Improvement District, or “PAID” as it is commonly referred, lies primarily within the City of Plantation, Broward County, Florida. It extends between Hiatus Road and Flamingo Road, and between the North New River Canal and N.W. 28th Court.

PAID covers approximately 2048 acres of property. Most of the area is comprised of one acre or larger single family estates, but it also includes some one-half acre and one-third acre developments, multi-family developments, schools, churches, parks, and commercial developments. Two major country roadways, Sunrise Boulevard and Broward Boulevard, pass through PAID.

The district map indicates the general location of the various land uses. The commercial and multi-family developments, a major private school, and a regional park are situated on both sides of the major county roads. The higher density single family lots are situated at the extreme north and south of the District. The remainder of the area contains the one-acre or larger single family lots with a scattering of churches, small schools and parks.

Even with the diverse range of development in PAID, the area has retained, through the diligence of its residents and the Commissioners of PAID, a “rural” nature. There are several horse farms, a regional Saddle Club, and grazing pastures within the area.